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"Love after Corona"
Lines of mixed media on nine canvases of 30 x 30 cm. An aluminum frame connects all elements that together form a work of 1 by 1 metre. Completely in coronasphere, the canvases do not touch each other. Yet they are interconnected by the imaginary lines that run through them. Despite the distance, we humans also remain connected by an invisible connection. Symbolically, the viewer feels the determination, despair, hope, zest for life and togetherness that everyone undoubtedly felt at some point during this pandemic.


"Life Cycle"
Life means seeing the light of day but also breathing the last breath. The instructive stages in between form a winding path with ups and downs that make us who we are. Life sends us on a beautiful journey that we provide ourselves with the necessary color.


"El toro de Andalucía"
This work is an inspiration I got in Spain.
The graceful large black bulls in metal that you see along the roads gave me the inspiration to make this creation.
You can discover the enormous strength, endurance and yet the gracefulness on this canvas.
Bright colors with a few simple lines convey the full meaning as well as the power that often lies in our nature.


Party mood. An explosion of colours, power and joy. At the sight of the lively work, viewers hear the roaring fireworks and feel the enthusiastic amazement at the beautiful explosion. The work was created on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the art route in the municipality of Zemst.


"Joy and Pain"
Sorrow and joy, love and hate, passion and coolness. This nocturnal creation shows a powerful reflection of the duality in our daily lives. With Joy and Pain I encourage spectators to think and release all those emotions in them. Musing viewers sink into their own reality.
The dimensions here are 87 x 77cm


"Zen Moment"
A few simple lines, a few basic colors and edited old runes give this work an aura of tranquility, a zen moment that makes you happy. The simplicity of life gives us peace and freedom.


"My soul"
Where heart and soul find a balance, love for people and nature arises.

thumbnail_IMG_8324 (2).jpg

"The Power of Nature"
The combination of an ancient carved rune with the illumination of the sun and moon gives nature the power of all beauty but also the power of healing. A balance that breathes oxygen and new life into us. If you look closely at this work, an animal may appear...


"Water Ballet"
The power of the splashing water, the beauty, the pure but also the elegance make this creation a ballet of water. The water dances an infinitely beautiful ballet. This creation will continue to perform the dance of sophistication indefinitely. The power of water resides in each of us and occupies an important place in our existence.


"Toi, moi, nous"
Two works of 100x100cm each that connect each other. It is a work that portrays connection, love, friendship, warmth and tenderness. However, it is also a work of Yin and Yang, black and white, positive and negative, yet imbued with gold, which in turn gains the upper hand in the good that binds us together.


"Illuminated Cosmos"
The planets in our universe revolve around themselves or over other planets, each with its own function. Which are uninhabited but even more interesting which are inhabited. Who lives there and how do they live there. The universe is infinite, what awaits us behind all this beauty?


"Beauty in Diversity"
This unique work made with different materials takes us into a world of magic. The structures indicate different depths, the interplay of lines gives an explosive dynamic. Bright colours, excesses of cells, a world in the making?


A rotating wave of colours, a work that never stands still. An explosion in the heart of our soul, each color represents one of our feelings, each undulating movement is an expression of our findings. Our soul related to our heart hold the balance of all our experiences. This work represents the full spectrum....


"Movement in structure"
A creation that reflects a certain structure in an ever-changing world.
A world in motion. The rectilinear contrast to the flowing movements make this work appear very balanced.


"Red Is All I Have"
3 works of 100 x 100 cm. 3 works that each make a unit in their own way, present a global picture. Earth, water and fire enclose an existence. Different roads leading to one passable path. The path that will lead us to inner peace and tranquility...


Honor to Roy Lichtenstein


Honor to Roy Lichtenstein


Honor to Roy Lichtenstein


Honor to Roy Lichtenstein


Honor to Roy Lichtenstein


Honor to myself  :-)


Powerful colors that flow into each other. The power of this work is expressed by the different individual colors that mix together, intertwine to form one solid whole. This is the power of oneness.

IMG_2163 (3).JPG

This work takes us into our stressful world, the winding roads we sometimes walk. We are sucked in by a speed that keeps catching us back. There are some places that give us peace of mind, but for this we often surrender to agitation. This creation should make you reflect on the life that many lead and bring us back to the essence of our existence.

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